7 Reasons to Adopt Cross-platform App Development Frameworks

7 Reasons Why Cross-platform App Development Frameworks Improve App Development Efficiency

Native app development process demands you to write distinct codes for specific platforms. For example, when you are developing a native Android app, you will be using the Android Studio as your IDE and a suitable SDK for your project. The compiled build from your IDE will be packaged only for the Android platform, and will not run on iOS. When you start with cross-platform app development frameworks, your single codebase can be used to compile the builds for both Android and iOS. Hence, you don’t have to develop from scratch for each platform and save coding time with cross-platform app development.

1. Enables Code Component Reusability

With cross-platform app development, you are going to write a single codebase for your Android and iOS apps. In other words, the functionalities and features for both Android and iOS apps are developed with a single codebase. As a result, you become efficient enough to build completely functional apps for two platforms under one roof. Thus, cross-platform frameworks improve your productivity and efficiency.

2. Increases the Pace of App Development Process

As said earlier, you are compiling out two builds for two distinct platforms from a single codebase. In native app development, you would be developing two different codebases for two platforms. Therefore, the time taken to develop an app using cross-platform app development frameworks is comparatively less. Hence, you can stick to your strict deadlines and deliver your projects on-time.

3. Minimizes Overall Cost and Overheads

While businesses are embracing various digital transformation strategies, not all companies can afford to build native apps for distinct platforms. Also, with internet marketing being the buzzword, mobile apps help businesses deliver more personalized messages. So, to reduce the friction between businesses and the process of adopting technology, you can go with cross-platform app development to minimize the overall cost and overheads.

4. Consistent UI Components

As you can develop and compile two different builds that will function like native apps, the UI components will deliver a consistent look and feel on the respective platforms. As a result, your users will find it easy to navigate to other pages, and you will not find any glitches in the app. Thus, you can deliver two different packages with consistent UI components that work seamlessly well on Android and iOS.

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5. Seamless Hosting of Apps

It is easy to host apps in the Play Store and App Store when the app meets all requirements. App packages compiled out from your codebase can be hosted easily on its respective platform without any threat, glitch, crash, or breakdown. In other words, your app will be stable and will be functional in the hosted platform.

6. Integration with Cloud Made Simple

Apps built using cross-platform app development frameworks can also be seamlessly integrated with the cloud. Moreover, you can integrate your cross-platform app with external (third-party) plugins and extensions. Hence, you can include universal compatibility with your apps.

7. Slimmer Tech Stack

As the cross-platform app development frameworks offer all the essentials of a tech stack, you need not commit yourself to learn multiple languages. Rather, you can spend more time on mastering and updating your current tech stack.

Final Thoughts: How Cross-platform App Frameworks Improve App Development Efficiency?

Cross-platform app development frameworks accomplish two tasks at a time and enhance the efficiency of the mobile app development process. Also, with the advent of cross-platform app development frameworks, businesses can start developing their apps at affordable pricing and expand their customer outreach.

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Originally published at https://techaffinity.com on January 8, 2020.



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