Lazy Loading of Images & How it Helps Websites for SEO?

  • Yet Another Lazy Loader — This library uses Intersection Observer API and falls back to event-based lazy loading for browsers that do not support it. It does not work on background images in CSS. It supports IE versions back to IE11.
  • WordPress A3 Lazy Load — Out of the several WordPress plugins, it comes with a lot of features and includes a fallback when JavaScript is unavailable.
  • lazysizes — A popular library with extensive functionalities and supports responsive images. It provides superior performance though it does not use Intersection Observer API.
  • jQuery Lazy Load — A library with jQuery implementation.
  • WeltPixel Lazy Loading Enhanced — A Magento 2 extension.
  • Shopify Lazy Image Plugin — Enable lazy loading on a Shopify site.



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Tech & Marketing blogs by TechAffinity

Tech & Marketing blogs by TechAffinity


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