PPC Advertising — 8 Google Ad Tips To Make More Money

  • Maintain consistency between your keywords, ads copy, and landing page.
  • Repeat the ad copy points on your landing page.
  • Present the same message and CTA on your landing page.
  • Broad — Your ad can show up for any keyword in the search query and in any order.
  • Broad Match Modified — Your ad can show up only if all the keywords in the search query are present irrespective of the order.
  • Phrase Match — Your ad can show up only if all the keywords in the search query are present and in the exact order.
  • Exact Match — This is very close to the phrase match. It includes a few relaxations like misspellings, plural forms of words, or interchangeable keywords.
  • Final URL — Make it a highly relevant landing page.
  • Headline 1 — Include keyword theme, brand name, primary value proposition
  • Headline 2 — Include the supporting value proposition, or establish context for Description.
  • Headline 3 — Doesn’t show as often, but you can include a strong CTA.
  • Path 1 — They are not real “URLs” but indicate the relevance of the page to the user. You can include the brand name, keyword category that relates to the ad group.
  • Path 2 — You can include further supporting information to provide better context to the user.
  • Description 1 & 2 — The longer section of the copy that connects the needs of the user with your solution. Focus on making it as relevant as possible for the user searches and address the needs of the user.
  • Sitelinks Extensions — These are additional links to unique landing pages on your website.
  • Callout Extensions — Include them to build trust with the users. Eg., “Fast Professional Service.”
  • Structured Snippets — Include them to provide more information about the features offered.
  • Call Extensions — This will allow you to get business numbers into your listing.
  • Location Extensions — For a brick-and-mortar company, you can link your Google My Business account to your Google Ads account. Enabling this extension pulls in your location and phone number for your users to locate you.
  • Remember big cities eat up a substantial amount of your budget quickly and might not convert well.
  • You can save money by preventing ads from showing in specific regions and increase the likelihood of a conversion by targeting other regions with specific needs.
  • Based on the physical location, you need to consider and cater to the needs of your different customer types.



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