What’s new in Power BI release wave 2 | Microsoft Power BI Update

  • Data Protection (Preview)
  • Shared and Certified Datasets
  • Data lineage capabilities (Preview)
  • Open platform connectivity (XMLA Read/Write) (Preview)
  • Datasets larger than 10GB in Power BI Premium (Preview)
  • Report consumption
  • Home customization
  • Classify and label Power BI dashboards, reports, datasets, and dataflows in Power BI service
  • Set label specific permissions on exported files from Power BI (Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents).
  • Provide oversight to administrators on sensitive data being used in Power BI
  • Leveraging Microsoft Cloud App Security monitor user access and activity, protect data based on real-time risk analysis, and set label specific controls.



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Tech & Marketing blogs by TechAffinity

Tech & Marketing blogs by TechAffinity


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